"UAV SlowStick"

Airframe: Mega 16/15/7, APC 9x4.5, CC25, ThunderPower 2100mah 3s1p
Video and Autopilot: Thunderpower 850mah 2s1p

Video: Black Widow A/V 600mw "BrownBag"  Kit with camera on HS55 servo for tilt

AutoPilot: FMA  FS8 receiver/wing leveler ('copilot'), U-Nav PDC10, Garmin Gecko 201, custom 3v vreg

Airframe mods:
CF tube leading edge with CF fabric wrapped joiner soaked in thick CA
Piano wire supports for landing gear
Aileron mods for wing leveler
Thin plywood profile fuselage with velcro on both sides to mount the electronics and batteries
Leading and trailing edges attached with packing tape (versus supplied tape)

Camera tilt mount detail:

The GPS receiver is taped to the top of the wing.  The CoPilot (wing leveler) is mounted on a stand to give it a good clear view of the horizon. The bulk of the copilot cable is cleanly wrapped around the upright.  Note also the Ailerons... I think they are a bit too small at this point and I might have to make them wider to be more effective.